Parenting through divorce is exhausting. While dealing with the practical concerns of finances, relocation, and visitation, there are also painful emotional issues to cope with and you are still required to be a parent. It’s overwhelming and can feel like nothing you are doing is going to help your child adjust to this new normal.

We can help.

So much of what your child needs is for you to understand, not fix, how they are feeling. Mary Shuffleton, LPC will hold this hour-long workshop to talk with parents about the emotional needs our children have and how to open up a dialogue with them about the feelings of anger, sadness and guilt they may be experiencing surrounding your divorce.

The workshop will cover: *

• How reactions differ by age and what you can expect
• Conversation starters for difficult subjects
• Strengthening the parent/child relationship
• Identifying warning signs of depression

Space is limited.

This workshop has passed and registration is closed. Please e-mail if you are interested in this or a similar workshop.

*While we respect the need to talk about co-parenting issues, that will not be the focus of this hour.