Parents today must not only prepare their children for the “real world” but also have to contend with the ever growing and changing “digital world.” Teenagers easily plug into the many “tech” options available all around them. Gaming platforms, smart phones, tablets and laptops provide fast and easy access to the internet.

These online environments can provide unrealistic expectations of what the “real” world has to offer leading to difficulties with communication, problem solving and healthy coping strategies. Social media and communication applications come and go with teens often one step ahead of their parents. Kids aren’t just texting and using Facebook. Parents can barely keep up with the many applications their kids use to communicate: Kik, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder.

How much time is too much time online and when do you know you need to set limits? How do you set appropriate limits with your teens when faced with their resistance? What makes a “digital life” healthy and when does it interfere with real life situations? Are you concerned your son or daughter is giving up valuable human contact and interactions in order to connect on line?

Join us as we explore how to manage your child’s time in the digital world. We will talk about appropriate limits and provide practical guidance on how to implement those limits. We will also discuss red flags that indicate unhealthy or unsafe online behavior including sexting and the resulting legal implications for your family.

This workshop is intended for parents of high school students.

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