Does My Teen Have a Problem? Typical vs. Not So Typical Teen Behavior

Does your child seem to struggle with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde phenomenon? At times, communicative and delightful and at others, distant, argumentative and cold. As a parent, it is tough to know what is part of a typical teen’s ups and downs and what is not. And, regardless, it’s really challenging to know how to deal with it.

In Step’s Mary Shuffleton LPC, CGP and Janene Pack, LMHC invite you to join them on a dynamic workshop on TBD in January. These therapists are both experts in working with both teens and parents to improve their relationships and create well-being at home.

The workshop will focus on presenting teen and parent topics of concern such as:

  • effective communication with your teen
  • typical vs not typical teen behavior
  • strategies for maintaining family calm