At the heart of a girl’s healthy development is the mother-daughter relationship. This relationship has the capacity to hold and honor the strengths, challenges, longings, stresses, treasures, disappointments, hopes, comforts, hurts and dreams of the developing young woman. The stronger the bond between a daughter and her mother, the more likely it is that she will become a self-assured and loving adult. In other words, healthy dependence fosters healthy independence.

This workshop will provide mothers with an opportunity to connect with other mothers who are yearning to reclaim their relationship with their daughters and longing for emotional closeness with their daughter. Mothers will learn how to:

  • foster healthy mother-daughter communication
  • develop emotional connections with their daughters
  • set clear exceptions
  • deal with conflict effectively; and
  • repair ruptured relationships

This workshop has passed and registration is closed. Please e-mail if you are interested in this or a similar workshop.