Mixed Emotions- Making sense of your feelings about your sibling with special needs (12-15 year olds)

  • Does your tween or teen have an intense love/hate relationship with their sibling with special needs?
  • Does she seem torn between wanting to protect her sibling and wanting to get away from him?
  • Does he find it hard to have friends over without his sister having a tantrum?
  • Does she struggle to try to make everyone in the family happy while keeping the peace?
  • Or perhaps she gets mad that you never seem to take her side in an argument?

Having a sibling with special needs means being faced with a unique set of challenges as well as unique opportunities for growth. This is especially true for tweens and teens who are just beginning to form their own identities and understand their relationships with others. During this 90 minute workshop we will explore the complex, often conflicting feelings participants have about their role in their families and relationships with their siblings with special needs. We will discuss how to balance participants’ own needs with their obligations to their family members, how to make sense of their own mixed emotions, and how to improve relationships within the family while also becoming more independent.

This discussion-based group is open to both returning and new participants to our sibling’s workshops, ages 12-15. Minimum of 5 participants needed to run workshop.

Date: Saturday, April 28th
Time: 11:00 – 12:30pm
Cost: $40

Register now by calling our office or clicking the link below.