Parent Workshop: Executive Function; You Are Your Child’s Frontal Lobe

Do you feel like you spend a great deal of time keeping track of their to dos, reminding them of deadlines and worrying about how they will manage into adulthood?

Does your child struggle at home and at school with things like:

  • Never being able to leave on time
  • Misplacing shoes/backpacks/sports equipment
  • Completing homework, but leaving it at home or forgetting to turn it in
  • Losing papers and notes
  • Starting projects, but have trouble finishing them

If you identified with these examples, it is likely your child has deficits in the area of executive functioning. Change doesn’t happen over night, but with a foundation of tips and strategies for home and school, you can assist your child in being independent and successful.

Join us for this hour-long workshop with an expert in EF coaching to give you a better understanding of executive function and the role it plays in your child’s life.

This workshop has passed and registration is closed. Please e-mail if you are interested in this or a similar workshop.