Coping With Conflict- Getting along with your sibling with special needs (8-11 year olds)

  • Does your child often butt heads with their sibling with special needs?
  • Does he get mad when you “take sides” with his sister?
  • Does she complain that it’s “not fair” that she gets in trouble while her sibling seems to get away with everything?
  • Does he ask why his sibling is always so “mean”?

Mediating conflict between children with different needs is tough work, and it can be confusing for your neurotypical child to make sense out of their sibling’s short tempers and different needs. In this activity-based workshop, we will explore participants’ experiences with conflict with their siblings, identify their feelings, try to make sense of different rules, and create game plans for dealing with fights and temper tantrums.

This workshop is open to both returning and new participants, ages 8-11. Minimum of 5 participants needed to run workshop.

Date: Saturday, April 28th
Time: 9:00 – 10:30am
Cost: $40