Workshops at In Step

In Step’s clinicians regularly hold workshops to address a wide range of topics of interest to our families and the community. These sessions are packed with practical tools, important information and lots of time for Q and A.

Selected past workshops (please contact us if you’re interested in attending a similar future session):

It Takes Two to Tango – This workshop will be a preview of our upcoming group for couples impacted by ADHD.

Improv Your Way to Social Skills – Improvisation is a spontaneous, fun way for kids to interact with each other without pre-planning or scripting. Improv therapy groups are a safe and stimulating way for kids to build confidence, take social risks, and practice life skills.

My Child is Refusing to Go to School – The workshop will address the typical red flags of school refusal and how anxiety fuels school avoidance.

The Trouble with Teens and Tech – How much time is too much time online and when do you know you need to set limits? How do you set appropriate limits with your teens when faced with their resistance? What makes a “digital life” healthy and when does it interfere with real life situations? Are you concerned your son or daughter is giving up valuable human contact and interactions in order to connect on line?

Your Teen’s Self-Destructive Behavior – In this one hour information session, parents will learn how adolescents use self destructive behavior to manage depression, anxiety, anger, stress, impulsivity and feelings of emptiness.

Teen Group Therapy; A Parents’ Guide – Do you wonder if your teen may benefit from group therapy? Our teen group leaders will discuss how group can help, how it works, and how to get your teen through the door.

Your Child. Your Divorce. – So much of what your child needs is for you to understand, not fix, how they are feeling. Parents will learn about the emotional needs our children have and how to open up a dialogue with them about the feelings of anger, sadness and guilt they may be experiencing surrounding your divorce.

Executive Function – You are Your Child’s Frontal Lobe – Do you feel like you spend a great deal of time keeping track of your child’s to-dos, reminding them of deadlines and worrying about how they will manage into adulthood? Your child may have deficits in the area of executive functioning. Change doesn’t happen over night, but with a foundation of tips and strategies for home and school, you can assist your child in being independent and successful.

Reclaiming Our Daughters – This workshop will provide mothers with an opportunity to connect with other mothers who are yearning to reclaim their relationship with their daughters and longing for emotional closeness with their daughter.

Raise Your Child’s Social IQ – Cathi Cohen, LCSW, CGP developed Stepping Stones in 1990 to help children acquire the tools they need to make and keep friends. This workshop will address the concept of Social IQ, the kids we help, and the Stepping Stones approach to social skills training with kids and families.