Cathi Cohen

In Step’s Founder and Clinical Director, Cathi Cohen, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP). She has worked with children, adolescents, and adults in a clinical setting since 1984. Early in her career, Cathi recognized the enormous emotional power of group therapy. It was this passion and expertise that led to the formation of In Step in 1995. In Step is a comprehensive mental health practice specializing in group treatment. 

Cathi enjoys treating kids, teens, and adults in various modalities, including individual, family, parent coaching, and couples therapy. She also relishes leading ongoing interpersonal psychotherapy groups with teens and adults as well as parent coaching groups. 

The Stepping Stones Social IQ program Cathi created is an evidence-based social skills group therapy program that has benefited thousands of kids and their parents since its inception in 1990. Cathi continues to train, supervise, and certify In Step’s Social IQ specialists to deliver the highly successful group therapy model for kids and their parents.

In addition to being interviewed on radio, television, and social media sites, Cathi conducts regular workshops for parents, educators, and mental health professionals on a national and international level. Cathi is the author of several books: Raise Your Child’s Social IQ: Stepping Stones to People Skills for Kids, Raise Your Parenting IQ – Moving From I’ve Had It to I’ve Got This!, Outnumbered, Not Outsmarted: An A – Z Guide for Working with Kids and Teens in Groups, and Stepping Stones to Building Friendships: A Guide for Camp Counselors

Cathi graduated from Tufts University before receiving her M.S. degree from Columbia University.

In her spare time, Cathi loves dancing, improv, singing (in the car with her daughter), listening to music, hiking, attending film festivals, theatre – Broadway especially, and traveling anywhere and everywhere with her family and friends.

LCSW, CGP – In Step Founder and Clinical Director
Extension: 25