Small Groups

Not all of the kids who come to In Step are ready for 5-7 other children in a group. One of the things that our evaluation process can determine is whether it would be better to start a child out with one or two other children.

Here is an example, a Mom and Dad come to us and say that their preschooler is fine at home but he is hitting and pushing the other children in his class. We bring the family in and talk with them, we get a release to talk to the teacher to find out what behaviors s/he is seeing and then we discuss the best course of treatment with our clinical team. In this case, because there is physical aggression being displayed in a large group, we would not start this child out in that setting.

It could be that we would begin with a dyad or a triad, working on impulse control, sharing, communication, etc. The parents would be involved at the end of every session by getting feedback and getting instruction on how to practice the skills at home. Once the child meets the agreed upon goal, s/he could be moved to a larger group to continue working and practicing.

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