Play is the natural language of children. It is the way in which they process, understand and integrate their experiences in the world. When children experience stress, turmoil or other challenges, they often do not yet have the cognitive development or verbal language to express their thoughts and feelings.

These feelings may manifest as behavioral problems or psychological symptoms. Play therapy is a structured, theoretically based approach in which this natural means of expression is used as a therapeutic method to assist in coping with emotional stress or in the development of skills.

Play therapy provides a safe, confidential and caring environment for children, which allows the expression of thoughts and feelings appropriate to their development. Through the supported process of expression of thoughts and feelings, issues are brought to the surface and are more able to be processed in a way that facilitates positive growth, healing, and social and emotional development.

The effectiveness of play therapy is supported by research for children experiencing an array of social, emotional, and behavioral problems. Children who experience anxiety, trauma, loss, low self esteem, anger management, or social challenges can benefit.

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