Parenting, though rewarding, can be one of the most challenging roles of a person’s life. In addition to a child’s daily needs, parents are also generally responsible for teaching life skills and helping their children develop healthy social skills.
It can be overwhelming. Seeking support, particularly when faced with a difficult situation or behavioral concern, can be critical in helping parents move past an obstacle in order to restore well being in a parent/child relationship.

At In Step, we value parental participation above all else. We know that you, as a parent, have the most influence and insight into your child’s behavior. We can help you develop concrete strategies and methods that result in change.

Here are some of the areas of concern you may have as a parent that we can help you manage effectively:

  • Managing Anger/Emotional Regulation/Temper Tantrums
  • Setting Realistic Limits and Boundaries
  • Using Time Outs Effectively
  • Helping Your Child Manage Anxiety and Negativistic Thinking
  • Avoiding Power Struggles
  • Diffusing Sibling Rivalry
  • Communicating and Connecting with your Teen
  • Recognizing Your Child’s Meta Communication
  • Creating a Peaceful, Cooperative Home
  • Building Resilience and Self-Esteem in Your Child

The first step is to schedule an initial evaluation. You will meet with an In Step clinician to talk about your concerns and what you hope to gain from your work together. This meeting lays the foundation for the next steps and developing a treatment plan that is mutually agreeable.

You may also decide that one meeting is enough. Some of you may need a single consultation with a parenting expert to have your questions and concerns addressed adequately.

These appointments are available in both our Sterling and Fairfax locations and typically occur during school hours. We can arrange time for you to come in on your lunch hour or even a Saturday if that works best for you.

Fairfax 703-876-8480     Sterling 703-433-5771