Raise Your Parenting IQ

Raise Your Parenting IQ: Moving from I’ve Had It to I’ve Got This

In order to provide crucial social and emotional scaffolding for our children, we need to start by taking a look at ourselves as parents. And I mean really look. This is not about how many of their soccer games you attend or the number of times you screamed at them and took away their phones. It’s about evaluating your strengths, as well as areas that need improvement, and then very purposefully moving forward armed with that information.

The goal of Raise Your Parenting IQ is to help you build parenting skills while staying connected to your child, fostering their resilience, and remaining sane.

Raise Your Parenting IQ provides an easy-to-follow program that starts with where you are now and moves toward identifying and practicing strategies to bolster your skills and parenting self-esteem. You’ll find sensible approaches, step-by-step techniques, and practice worksheets to help you manage life with your kids.

Simply put, you can shift from the frustrating, throw-your-hands-in-the-air “I’VE HAD IT!” to the quietly confident “I’ve got this.”