Parent Coaching

The goal of In Step’s Parenting IQ program is to help you build parenting skills while staying connected to your child, teenager, or young adult, fostering their resilience, and remaining sane. The pressures on you to sacrifice everything for your child’s success and happiness are enormous. Unfortunately, this pressure can result in children who are poorly prepared for life challenges and parents who are overwhelmed, resentful, and in a constantly reactive mode. Fear and guilt never bring families closer together. Creating an environment of love and respect is possible.

Some of questions our parent coaching sessions help to resolve are:

  • How can we create a more peaceful home environment at home?
  • What do we do with a teenager who is refusing to go to school?
  • How can we get more cooperation from the kids?
  • How do we handle my young adult child who lives in my basement?
  • How do we manage my child’s manipulative behavior?
  • How can my partner and I get on the same page with our parenting?

Our coaching sessions offer individual and group sessions with an In Step parenting expert team member.  After a comprehensive initial evaluation session to determine goals and objectives, you will learn and practice new strategies that bolster your skills and your parenting self-esteem.

What can you expect from a Parenting IQ expert?  

  • An experienced, licensed therapist will review the information provided in the questionnaire prior to your meeting.
  • You will spend 90 minutes together in discussion, talking about your concerns and getting a specific plan in place.
  • The cost for the initial meeting is $250 and may be covered by accessing your out-of-network health insurance. The code for this service is 90791 if you would like to consult with your plan before you schedule.