Child Behavior Problems: Northern Virginia

How To Help Your Underachieving Child

When a child is not performing academically to his ability, you, as the parent, may worry. And when you worry, you may interact with your child in ways that may unwittingly contribute to his behavior. You are your child’s most important change agent. When you modify your own behavior in relation to your child, he will change in response to you.

Underachieving children frequently exhibit characteristics that undermine performance. Your child may:

  • Interpret suggestions and advice as criticism
  • Adopt an “I don’t care” attitude as it relates to achievement
  • Gravitate towards other under-performing kids
  • Lack a capacity to entertain himself
  • Blame others for problems i.e. teachers, parents, peers


Underachievement is not an “A plus B equals C” issue. It’s critical that you understand your child in order to communicate in a healthy way.

In Step professionals may work one-on-one with your child, with you, or in groups to help your family learn the tools needed to effect change. For more information about our services, please contact us.


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