High Functioning Autism (HFA)

In the last few decades, Autism has exploded into our consciousness. Kids with High Functioning Autism (HFA, formerly called Asperger’s Sydrome) lack social skills, have a limited ability to engage in a reciprocal conversation, and frequently demonstrate an intense absorption in specific subjects (which may not be of interest to anyone else besides themselves). Seemingly unaware of the rules of social conduct, these quirky kids may inadvertently offend their peers’ feelings. Kids with HFA do not learn the way other children learn. They may find complex math equations a breeze to figure out, but are terribly confused by even the most basic verbal and nonverbal communication. Parents worry because their HFA child is socially isolated and may be socially abused or rejected by peers.

Despite the disruptions to their social learning, however, these children can gradually learn more appropriate codes of social conduct often through intellectual analysis and instruction rather than natural intuition. Individual coaching and group therapy, in particular, can expand and reinforce the social success of an HFA child, teen, or adult through development of such skills as: improved eye contact, more effective communication and listening skills, and enhanced coping methods.

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