Is Group Therapy Right for You?


Unless you have been sheltered from the media you have heard about the benefits of individual therapy but I wanted to touch on all the benefits of group therapy. The approach in group therapy is different but still leads to self discovery. Amongst a group of peers often times deeper self discovery occurs along with life long bonds made with fellow group members.

You may wonder though how you know if group therapy is for you or if you should lean towards individual therapy. Here are some tips for you:Individual therapy is best if you have recently had a trauma, death, or if you have had a severe depressive episode. Especially if you have never sought treatment for any of these concerns it is often best to first receive individual therapy and then transition into group therapy.

1. Group therapy may be a better option for you if you are feeling isolated, alone with your feelings or unable to talk to anyone. Have you ever said or heard someone say “my friends/family are tired of hearing about my problems and I have no one to talk to.” Just knowing you aren’t alone and others are in similar situations can be very beneficial and lead to group exploration.

2. Working with a group can be a great option for you also if you feel stunted in your current individual therapeutic relationship. Sometimes individual therapy can only take you so far and then group work can take it further. When people come into a group setting and interact freely with other group members, they often will recreate the difficulties that brought them into therapy to begin with.

3. Group therapy offers you more than one opinion. You will get immediate feedback from not only the therapist but the other group members. You also get the experience of seeing others work through their own problems while you work on yours, often drawing from their experience.

4. If you feel especially hesitant about group work then start off with individual therapy to lay a foundation and start self exploration. In Step offers individual and group therapy, feel free to inquire about your options when you contact a therapist at In Step.

On a final note, some individuals worry about the confidentiality of group work. Upon the commencement of the group everyone agrees to confidentiality. What is discussed in the group stays within group members only. When each group member shares freely, everyone has their own need and respect for confidentiality.