In Step Articles

The following resources were written by In Step clinicians and other professionals/journalists over the years to address common mental health-related concerns.

ADHD, Autism, and Learning Disabilities

F.O.S.T.E.R. Peace at Home with your ADHD Child
ADHD Experts Re-evaluate Study’s Zeal for Drugs
Testing for ADHD
Social Skills for Kids with ADHD
Raise Your ADHD Child’s Social IQ
ADHD: Understanding social differences between boys and girls
The Role of Family Therapy in the Treatment of Children and Adolescents with Learning Disabilities


Talking the Talk with Teens
Group Therapy Prevents Depression in Teens—The N.Y. Times
My Experiences with Special Groups for Special Adolescents

Anger Management

Anger Management Resources – Anger: Friend or Foe?
Anger: Taming the Tiger Within
I’m Bored!
Dealing with Sibling Rivalry
Jealousy: Soothing the Green-Eyed Monster


Blended Families

Being a Step-Parent


Bullying: How Your Kids Want You to Respond
Cyber Bullies—Not Your Typical Bullies
Know the Signs of Bullying

Concurrent Parent and Child Therapy Groups

Why Parent Groups? The Role of Parent Groups in Helping Children Make and Maintain Friends
Concurrent Parent and Child Therapy Groups


Friendship: A Buffer Against Depression
Winter Blues

Group Therapy

Why Group Therapy Works?
Is Group Therapy Right for You?
What is a Psychotherapy Group?

Holiday Anxiety

Ah, Summer.
Managing Stress During the Holidays
Is the Merry Missing from Your Holidays?
Holiday Stress

Mindfulness Meditation 

Is Perfection Causing Stress?
Mindfulness Meditation


How to Stop Bickering Siblings
How to Deal with a Lying Child
Whose Homework Is It?
Face Your Fears
What Does Knowing Myself Have To Do With It?
How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You?!?
Good Sportsmanship
Gear Up for Summer—Preparing Your Child for Summer Camp
Tormented by Your Teen?


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

School Anxiety

Coping with Back-To-School Blues
Back to School, Routines, Sports and Anxiety
“Mom, I just don’t fit in…”

School Success

Help! My son is bored.
Starting Kindergarten
Easing the Transition Back to School for Early Elementary Students
Motivation: The Key to School Success


Stepping Forward from Separation and Divorce
Helping Children Navigate Divorce

Social Media and Children

No LOL Matter, Balancing Safety with Social Media Access

Social Skills 

Does my Child Need Social Skills Help?
Learning the Secret Handshake
When the Work is Play
Working on Social Skills
Parent Involvement is Critical in Social Skills Development
What to Look for in an Effective Social Skills Group
“I Feel Your Pain”—Developing Empathy
Teaching Social Skills Outdoors
Play Your Way To Better Social Skills
Social Skills in School, the Hardest Subject
Social Skills Training and the Power of Friendship


Therapy 32 Times More Cost Effective at Increasing Happiness Than Money
Breaking Free With Drama Therapy


Moral Development in Children
Protect Our Privacy- Protect Our Kids