What is an Initial Evaluation?

Everyone who comes to us participates in an initial evaluation with a licensed clinician. This meeting is about an hour and a half and during it, the clinician is gathering information, finding out about what brings you to us, what behaviors are of concern, getting an understanding of goals you have for treatment and listening to what obstacles to well being might be in the way.
*In the case of a child, she/he would wait in the waiting area while the clinician talks to the parents and then they would wait, while the child takes his/her turn. At the end of the session, the clinician would make observations and some preliminary recommendations.

After the initial evaluation takes place, your information, or your child’s, is brought to a weekly clinical meeting with the director of the practice, Cathi Cohen, and other members of the clinical team. It is the result of this discussion that is communicated to you, and a concrete treatment plan is recommended. This initial evaluation is crucial to the placement of our clients with a clinician and for the formation of groups.

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