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Communication Takes Practice

Kids, just like adults, long to connect with others. Effective communication gets them there. You, as parents set a powerful example of good communication for...

Coping with Back-To-School Blues

Cathi Cohen, LCSW “Have you finished your homework?” “It’s a school night. Time to get ready for bed.” “Mom, where is my assignment book?” “Drop-off...

DBT Graduates Event

Please join us to reconnect with other DBT parent graduates and refresh your DBT skills. Erika Carlson and Mary Shuffleton will be offering a workshop...

Decisions, Decisions!

Allowing your kids to make their own decisions is an essential component of raising a solid adult. Of course you’re not going to allow your...

Developing Good Sportsmanship

Cathi Cohen, LCSW You Win Some, You Lose Some – Good Sportsmanship Winning is everything in our society. This “take no prisoners” philosophy pervades the...

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