In Step has offered comprehensive counseling and consultation services to families in the metro DC area since 1995. Our highly experienced clinicians offer a full range of services including:


Our clinicians see individuals, couples, and families to address issues related to depression, anxiety, relationships, ADHD, and more.
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Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a valuable tool in working through challenges with social skills deficits, anxiety, anger and depression. Our groups range in age from preschool through adult. Call or e-mail us to schedule an intake evaluation for services.


Parenting decisions can feel overwhelming. Understanding all of your options before making a step toward change can be invaluable. Our expert parenting team will consult with you and give you the support you need to navigate difficult situations.

In the


Part of our mission is to educate the public about important mental health issues. Our expert clinicians can help open the dialogue with parents, children, schools, and businesses about range of topics.

at In Step


Spend an hour with our dynamic clinicians talking about the topics that matter to you and your family. You will leave each session with a deeper understanding of the issue and tools you can use to foster positive change.

Psychoeducational Evaluations

In Step can work with you to identify your child’s learning style, provide private school admissions testing, and assess for ADHD, anxiety and/or depression. They will consult with you first to determine the scope of the evaluation.


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