Do you feel you have focused on meeting the challenges of raising your family at the expense of your own self-fulfillment?

Are you seeking connections with others who can relate to your experience?

Are you ready to discover new ways to make meaningful changes?

This process-oriented group for women 30-50 years of age will incorporate therapeutic tools, such as journaling, mindfulness exercises, CBT techniques, and psycho-dramatic activities. Topics and areas for growth may include: family dynamics, parenting challenges, self-care, problem solving and conflict resolution, managing life transitions, setting healthy boundaries and exploration of coping patterns.

The goals of the group are to promote self-understanding, boost feelings of self-worth, and deepen connections with others.

The first step is to schedule an initial intake evaluation, which is free of charge for mothers of children currently attending other groups at In Step.

This group will be led by Mary Shuffleton, LPC and Cathi Cohen, LCSW, CGP. Mary Shuffleton is an experienced clinician with In Step, who especially loves to work with groups, believing group sessions provide a highly effective environment for counseling. Cathi Cohen is the director and founder of In Step and creator of the Stepping Stones program. She has dedicated much of her career honing the power of group therapy to address a range of issues in daily life.

For more information, please call our Fairfax office at (703) 876-8480, or download our flyer.