Social groups in high school are confusing and the pressures of academics and extracurricular activities make it even harder. Teens who struggle with anger, anxiety, depression, and/or have developed a poor set of coping skills find the dynamics even more challenging and need to learn healthy coping skills.

The teens who come for group may exhibit:
• Anxiety, Including Social and General Anxiety
• Depression
• Low Self-Esteem
• Difficulty Communicating
• Negative Family Relationships
• Feelings of Isolation
• Poor Peer Choices

The focus of our teen groups varies based on the population of its members. We generally focus on:
• Fostering Positive Peer Relationships
• Understanding And Fitting Into A Peer Group
• Increasing Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness
• Managing Stress
• Coping With Anxiety
• Emotional Regulation
• Social Skills-From Basic To More Complex

We have single sex and co-ed groups. Some of our groups are geared more toward teens with high functioning autism and their specific needs. Each group is built on the core concepts of group therapy in which group members support, encourage, challenge and process their issues together.

These ongoing groups meet weekly. The cost per session is $105 and they require an initial evaluation to determine the best fit.

Here is an example of parent feedback you would receive in weekly e-mails after your teen attends group:

We had a good group last week and we had another new member join us. We are quickly forming a cohesive, supportive group!

We had teens share some information about themselves with each other in small groups and pairs. They were able to get to know each other a little better and then share the information they learned with the larger group.

We also had a discussion about typical teen behavior, rule breaking, rules and consequences. I have shared this resource behavior so if you have already taken a look at it, that’s great. But for parents who are new to the group, I highly, highly recommend you download this free resource or order a hard copy from amazon. It explains the teen brain very well.

PDF for download:
The Teen Years Explained

The Teen Years Explained; A Guide to Healthy Adolescent Development Paperback – March 30, 2010 by Clea McNeely (Author), DrPH (Author), Jayne Blanchard (Author)

Adolescence is a time of intense self concept formation. Teens need boundaries and rules but it is really important the these boundaries are consistent and that rules don’t change arbitrarily and without discussion. Teens want their opinions to matter and they want their dreams and ambitions supported.

-Karen Chaudhry, LCSW & Janene Pack, LMHC

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