Research consistently highlights the success of parent groups in helping families make changes. Parents play a vital role in the social, emotional, and behavioral development of children. This Parenting IQ program offers:

  • a weekly parent coaching group led by an experienced, licensed therapist
  • easy to implement strategies, techniques, and methods that will help you gain confidence and support your child’s growth and development
  • a safe place to share your issues and concerns
  • worksheets and practice exercises to work on in between sessions

Is the Parenting IQ group a good fit for me?

  • Are you often frustrated with your child’s behavior?
  • Do you feel at a loss as to how to discipline your child effectively?
  • Are you frequently engaged in a power struggle with your child?
  • Do you struggle knowing which of your child’s misbehaviors to pay attention to and which to ignore?
  • Do you frequently feel flummoxed as to how to respond productively to your child when they are melting down?
  • Do you question whether your child’s behavior is “normal?”

What skills does the Parenting IQ group address?

  • Setting realistic expectations
  • Responding in the here and now
  • Collaborating and problem solving
  • Knowing what is ignorable
  • Giving clear directions
  • Setting loving limits
  • Mindful thinking
  • EGNOG – helping your child solve their own problems
  • Resilience building
  • Managing meltdowns
  • Communicating and connecting

In order to determine whether a Parenting IQ group is a good fit for you, the next step is to call and talk with us. An initial evaluation meeting will help us create cohesive groups that encourage growth amongst members.