Parenting is the most challenging work that there is. And yet many parents receive little guidance and support in handling the daily emotional and behavioral tests of typical parenthood.

The goal, of course, of parenting therapy is to develop and improve the parents’ relationship with their child. That’s why at In Step, we include the parents in the therapeutic process for their children as well. This important distinction allows for the development of healthy communication between parents and child, and also eases the minds of parents who want to know how their child is progressing.

Parenting group therapy helps parents:

  • develop healthier communication patterns with their child(ren);
  • learn strategies for helping their child with special needs;
  • create a home environment that is peaceful and loving;
  • cope with the difficult life stressors that impact the family such as divorce, grief and loss, moving, bullying, and academic pressures;
  • learn appropriate behavior management techniques and strategies.

From early childhood to middle school and into the teenage years and through high school, each stage of a child’s life can present unique challenges to parents. While working privately with children can yield great results we believe it is also important to involve the parents in order to cultivate a home environment of understanding and openness.

The emotional development of both the parents and child needs to grow harmoniously, which is why we offer counseling and guidance for parents, as well as include the parents in the guidance and counseling of their children.

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