Join us this summer for social skills training – the Minecraft edition! We will help your children develop the tools they need to keep their Health Bar at full, get them out of Survival Mode, and guide them to access the Natural Resources to craft a more stable Emotional Shelter.

In this introductory social skills group, we will engage your child with themes that get them excited to start the work that can help them make friends, boost their self-esteem, ease their transition back to school, and foster a more peaceful environment at home.

In this group:

  • Kids will practice the social skills basics: joining in, reading social cues, and communication.
  • Our licensed therapists will help them with concrete tools to practice at home.
  • Parents will receive feedback at the end of each week with participation and progress information.
  • We will use Minecraft themes to make learning fun.


The groups meet weekly for 6 weeks in two separate sessions beginning in June 2017. The cost is $95 per week.

In order to determine whether Minecraft! Social Skills Training group is a good fit for your child, call and talk with us to schedule an intake evaluation, or e-mail us with a good time to call you back.

In Step 703-876-8480