It is difficult enough for your teenager to cope with the typical ups and downs of adolescence without facing the challenges that come with sexual and gender identity questions and concerns. Sexual and gender minority youth experience unique developmental challenges. While societal bias against the LGBTQ community is decreasing overall, intolerance is still widespread and your teen may continue to experience rejection, ostracism, and/or bullying from peers. It is of no surprise consequently that gender and sexual minority youth exhibit higher incidence of depression, anxiety, social problems, and suicide.

This group will offer a supportive, accepting, safe space for your teen to explore feelings related to their sexual and gender identity.

The goals of the group are:

  • to help your teen achieve their full developmental potential
  • to support your child honest self-discovery
  • to aid your teen in navigating their interpersonal environment
  • to help your child develop age appropriate capacities, behaviors, and emotional resiliency

While gender and sexual identity may be primary areas of focus, the group will also provide an affirming atmosphere to allow for other struggles to be explored and processed.