This social skills group will focus on friendship concerns that arise for girls in elementary and middle school. Girls are grouped together by age. Together, members work on:

  • How to manage social anxiety
  • Keeping friendships
  • Navigating the complexities related to fitting in
  • Improving self-regulation
  • Improving emotional regulation


The group will utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to teach skills aimed at improving awareness and management of anxiety, and will utilize creative therapeutic activities including play, drama, art and movement to provide the girls ample opportunities to try out new behaviors and skills in the safe confines of the group.

This group is designed to be developmentally appropriate for the age group and activities are designed to be fun and meaningful. The leader will be attentive and responsive to the group member’s needs and abilities and will incorporate this into the curriculum. An emphasis throughout group will be on promoting healthy self-esteem and building a sense of empowerment, or mastery over our worries.

For more information on our Girls Social Confidence Groups, please contact us:

Fairfax 703-876-8480