Boost Your Teens Executive Function

An 8 Week Coaching Program for Teens and their Parents

Does your teenager….?

  • Have difficulty getting started on their homework or studying?  
  • Struggle with time management and frequently misjudge how much time a task will take to complete?
  • Find it difficult to incorporate feedback into their work or an activity
  • Rigidly stick to a plan even when it’s clear the plan isn’t working
  • Have trouble paying attention and becomes easily distracted
  • Have to be told the directions many times
  • Have a tough time switching gears from one subject to another

Difficulties with executive functioning skills explain why so many teens who seem very capable and bright still struggle academically to meet their obvious potential. These children struggle to initiate a present awareness with future anticipation and past experiences to create a realistic goal and plan. When your child reaches their pre-teen and teen years, their problems are exacerbated by increased pressures and demands on top of their age appropriate desire to be independent.  Parents frequently feel frustrated and thwarted in their effort to offer their child the scaffolding they need.

In Step is excited to be offering an 8 week coaching program for teens and their parents to learn executive functioning skills through a collaborative, multi-component approach.  Based on an evidence-based program developed by Dr. Margaret Sibley from Florida International University, this coaching program will offer teens and their parents specific strategies and skills to work on together at home.  Healthy family communication is stressed and follow-through is enhanced and reinforced.  Teens learn organizational, time management, and planning methods that lead to increased self-esteem and empowerment.