Ages 8-11

Anger is one of the most troubling issues for children and their parents. Poorly regulated emotions can lead to problems at home, at school and with relationships with family members and peers. Often, as parents, it is difficult to manage our own emotions around anger and learning coping strategies along with our children is the key to long-term growth and improvement.

Our Anger Management groups look at the common traits kids have that can lead to frustration and the inability to manage emotions.
These children tend to have:

  • Emotions that tend to be extreme, not well modulated and subject to rapid fluctuations
  • A low tolerance for frustration and difficulty delaying gratification
  • Trouble expressing emotions verbally causing them to rely more on physical aggressiveness
  • Difficulty reading subtle verbal cues and so are prone to misinterpreting and overreacting to ambiguous social situations
  • A lack of understanding that there needs to be a pause between impulse and action

This dysregulation can lead to misbehavior and interpersonal problems, which then leads to peer rejection. They can suffer from chronic stress in school, which is formatted to play to their weaknesses, and that stress can cause low self-esteem over time and that can lead to a higher incidence of depression.

Our treatment assumes that:

  • There is nothing wrong with feeling angry
  • Anger can be a useful motivating emotion
  • The goal is not to eliminate anger, but rather to gain better control of the expression of anger in order to preserve relationships and feelings of self-worth

In the children’s group we will look at what provokes us to anger, how to recognize it before it gets out of control and what techniques we can use to manage it better. The parent’s group will talk about triggers for themselves and their children, parenting styles, how to reduce anger in the household, realistic goal setting for anger reduction, and strategies to reinforce the techniques the children are learning.

In Step’s anger management groups are comprised of 5-8 children between the ages of 8-11. These groups meet for 12-16 weeks and there is a concurrent parent group. The cost for each session is $150 and that includes both the parent and child component.