Karen Chaudhry, LCSW will be offering group work for teen girls with a history of foster care, out of home placement, kinship care, abuse, neglect and/or trauma.

This group will focus on self regulation, improving self esteem, exploring identity and self concept within the adoption framework, and practicing social skills- including communication, conversation, reading social cues, and creating and maintaining healthy boundaries.

With a group of only 3 or 4 teens, she will be able to work with the girls using interventions which will include CBT, DBT skills, psychodynamic and expressive arts activities.

This group is ongoing and meets weekly for one hour. The cost of the group is $95 per session and requires an initial evaluation with both the parent(s) and the teen. The group participants must also each be in individual therapy.

Karen Chaudhry, LCSW has over a decade of experience working with adoptees, and adoptive families. She has worked with families at every stage of the adoption process. She has led groups for adoptive teens for the last several years and creates a safe, comfortable, and creative environment.