Middle School Girls Groups

Many of the girls who participate in our groups for this age are struggling to cope with a changing, more complex set of social interactions amongst their peers.

They may be experiencing:
• Increased Anxiety
• Depression
• Feelings of Isolation
• Decreased Self-Esteem
• Body Image Concerns
• Emotional Regulation Issues

The goals of these groups are to increase their self-confidence, decrease anxiety in social situations and give them the tools and awareness to feel more at ease with themselves. This increased understanding and confidence will empower them to develop more satisfying relationships with friends and family.

The focus of the group will include, but is not limited to:

• Social Skills (building and enhancing friendships)
• Boosting Self-Esteem
• Practicing Assertiveness
• Increasing Comfort with Social Situations
• Mind and Body Connections
• Stress Reducing Techniques

Our therapists incorporate many different modalities to achieve the goals of the group, such as CBT techniques, activities/drawing, role-plays, mindfulness exercises, games and other interactive techniques to help teach and reinforce skills.

These ongoing groups meet weekly and they require an initial evaluation to determine which group would be the best fit.

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