Executive Function Classes

In Step is thrilled to be partnering this summer with Crista Hopp, M.A of Connected Pathways Coaching to offer a full range of executive function skill classes for school readiness. If you are unfamiliar with what executive function entails, read this helpful article.

All classes will involve an executive function skill, practical application of that skill, engaging activities, and parent tip sheets with information about strategies for success.

Participants will leave with tip sheet of the strategies reviewed in class and parents can request to schedule a 30 minute free consultation with the EF coach as part of the class fee if you sign up for 3 to 7 classes.

Keep your kid’s brains busy this summer!

Please register based on the grade your child will be entering in the fall of 2016*.

Class schedule:
Elementary school sessions (4th grade and up) will be held at 9:30-11:30am.
Middle school sessions will be held at 12:30-2:30pm.
High school sessions will be held at 3:00-5:00pm.

Tuesday, 6/28 – Taking it Step by Step
Tuesday, 7/12 – What Did I Just Read
Wednesday, 7/20 – Breaking it Down into Chunks (no HS session)
Monday, 8/8 – It’s Time to Study
Monday, 8/15 – Attention to Details
Tuesday, 8/16 – Essays
Monday, 8/29 – Starting off the School Year Right

Tuesday, 6/21 – Attention to Details
Thursday, 7/14 – Essays
Monday, 7/18 – Taking it Step by Step
Wednesday, 8/10 – What Did I Just Read
Wednesday, 8/24 – Starting off the School Year Right

Registration is closed for the summer!


Class descriptions:
“Taking it Step by Step” – This class will discuss the importance of goal setting, the power of 15 minutes, and prioritizing items from school, home and extracurricular activities. This class is perfect for the child who procrastinates.

“Breaking it Down in Chunks” – For the child where quality of work is affected by rushing, we will review not only the breaking down of daily and long term assignments, but also how this carries over to other tasks in life.

“Attention to Details” – We will discuss the importance of understanding details. Children will write instructions to a practical task and participate in the application of their instructions. Students will gain a better understanding of the relationship between details and reviewing daily assignments for information, reading instructions, and proof reading.

“What Did I just Read” – Students will become more familiar with different learning styles to get the most out of reading; including summarizing, timelines, character charts, using digital recorders, and pictures. This is perfect for the child who is reading, but not grasping what they’ve read.

“It’s Time to Study” – This class will highlight different learning styles and apply them to test preparation, review, and correction methods. For example, learning to incorporate physical activity for kinesthetic learners such as yoga balls, walking, or stationary bikes.

“Essays” – This class will be helpful for the child that has no idea how to start a writing assignment or how to organize their thoughts for an assignment. We will incorporate graphic organizers and other technology to make writing easier.

“Starting off the School Year Right”* – This class will include set up for one notebook (case-it or mead flex*) with folders for all classes including a homework folder. They will also be given mock assignments and go through the process of documentation (agenda, monthly calendar) and organization to start them off right for the upcoming year! * There is $25 supply fee required on the day of the class.

Classes are $150 each. There is a discount for signing up for multiple sessions (2 classes – 5% off; 3-6 classes – 10% off; all 7 classes – 14% off).

Pricing is as follows:

1 class-$150
2 classes-$285
3 classes-$405
4 classes-$540
5 classes-$675
6 classes-$810
7 classes-$900


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*If your child has been given a diagnosis of autism or any other significant diagnosis (or disability), please contact Crista Hopp at 703-435-6307 for a free 15 minute consultation to determine whether your child would benefit from these classes.