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In years past researchers have found that parenting self-efficacy is an important potential contributor to the emotional and social developmental of children. PSE is defined as beliefs or judgments about one’s competency or ability to successfully carry out one’s parenting roles.

In one Study at BYU a professor of psychology, examined parenting self-efficacy and how it related to therapy outcomes in a large group of youth receiving outpatient therapy at a community mental health clinic.

Three aspects of PSE were studied: parental connection between the parent and child, the effect of social processes on a child’s development of identity, efficacy and worth, and parental control of behavior, and behavioral influence. What the study found was very interesting: during the course of child therapy parents’ levels of self-efficacy improved as their children’s symptoms improved.

Parents’ levels of self-efficacy did not predict how much their children’s social skills would improve, rather, regardless of their initial level of PSE, their self-reported feelings of efficacy increased at the same time as their children’s symptoms were decreasing.

What was shown was that helping parents increase PSE through training interventions, increased understanding of developmental norms, or more accurate explanations for their child’s behavior may result in them putting forth more effort in their parenting roles, responding more effectively to problem behavior, or striving to provide more positive experiences for their children.

At In Step we believe that as parent’s participated and improve their feelings of efficacy, it will also help their children’s symptoms and behaviors improve. This is why here at In Step we provide concurrent parent and child therapy groups. We are one of the few providers that offer such a valuable service. These groups are available for different groups and at various times. Please contact us to ask about concurrent therapy and if you and your child may benefit.

At In Step, our many different social skills groups and friendship groups are constantly evolving as we respond to the changing needs of our clients. Some groups may have a broader focus, while others may have more specific goals. If you don’t see a group listed here that meets your needs, please check with us—sometimes we have other clients with compatible needs and we would be willing to start a new group.

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