Social Media and Children

Psychotherapist, author, expert in social skills training for children for over 25 years, Cathi Cohen provides articles and resources for parents or caretakers.

March 21, 2014

Opening the Lines of Communication

Are your kids using their phones or tablets at the dinner table? Are you checking your work email or texting a friend? Just being in the […]
February 26, 2014

Big Brother Should Be Watching

As the parent of a teen you are well aware that teens love their privacy and the ability to communicate with their friends without interference from […]
February 24, 2012

Cyber Bullying: Not So Typical Bully

Just as we are beginning to understand and prevent bullying on a systematic level, along comes an entirely unique and cruel form: cyber bullying. Cyber bullying […]
September 26, 2011

No LOL Matter, Balancing Safety with Social Media Access

I knew it was a matter of time. My 11 year old wasn’t just asking for her own Facebook account, she’s lobbying for one. Her arguments […]