Adoptee Group, High School

Does your child have questions about her birth family that you can’t answer?

Does your child complain that he doesn’t really feel like he fits in anywhere?

Do you wonder how to help your child through the myriad of emotions she may be feeling?

Adoptees in this group will find a sense of safety and comfort being with others who are also not being raised in their biological family. This group will help members increase their self-esteem, form their identity and self-concept, and practice talking about their history and their adoption with others, as they are comfortable. The group will use expressive arts and members will create several projects focused on their special and unique personal history. This group is for boys and girls ages 14 -18.

Karen Chaudhry, LCSW has over a decade of experience working with adoptees, and adoptive families. She has worked with families at every stage of the adoption process. She has led groups for adoptive teens for the last several years and creates a safe, comfortable, and creative environment.

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