Hear what some of our current and former clients have to say about their experiences with In Step.


“I think you have a very special program. Our children learned so many new skills and things about themselves. Simply outstanding, and definitely a program I would recommend for children and families like ours.”

Tracy G. (parent)

“What a fantastic job you all have done of putting our boys and the parent group together. Friendship group has been so helpful for [my son] and a very positive experience for both of us! Thank you!”

Martha V. (parent)

“I love the skills that were taught; the skills will be used for a lifetime. I wish I had a class like this when I was a child. [It] would be good for any child, not just for difficult children.”

Heather D. (parent)

“We have had a very positive experience with In Step. Both counselors were very responsive and respectful of our concerns. We would highly recommend them to anyone.”

—Alex B. (parent)

“[My daughter] absolutely loves her “class” and I am very pleasantly surprised at how quickly she has assimilated and started participating!”

—Jennifer J. (parent)

“I loved this program. I know my son took valuable lessons from his group, and I very much appreciated a safe place to vent where others were quick to empathize.”

—Katherine D. (parent)

“[My son] really enjoyed coming to group every week. I think he took a lot away with him because it was such a positive experience every week. I enjoyed exchanging ideas with [the group leader] and the other parents.”

—Karen B. (parent)

“I think it was great that the parents also met and followed along with what the children were learning.”

—Debbie Z. (parent)

“In Step has been a great experience and also a great area of support to me as a parent dealing with an anxious child. I have seen great improvements in [my daughter] and am so happy we did this! I thought [the counselors] were terrific with us and the kids.”

—Lisa S. (parent)

“[My daughter] enjoyed her outdoor friendship group very much. I liked seeing her do so well in a group setting.”

—Madelaine M. (parent)

“[In Step] was very responsive. The receptionist is wonderful! My calls to the therapist are always returned promptly. I have worked with several MD’s/therapists over the last 16 years. I have never had such a good experience and most importantly, direct availability to the doctor.”

—Maria C. (parent)

“[The therapist] was very helpful in making me comfortable with the process and made the experience enjoyable for [my daughter]. We already see improvements, some attributable to her outdoor friendship group experience. Intake was also helpful.”

—Lisa S. (parent)

“This program helped my son to gain his confidence back. And he tries to use [the lessons he learned] more in real life.”

—Souhela P. (parent)