Psychotherapist, author, expert in social skills training for children for over 25 years, Cathi Cohen provides articles and resources for parents or caretakers.

July 27, 2015

The Potty Wars

Potty training can be frustrating enough without the challenges of potty training extending past the toddler years into pre-school, kindergarten, and beyond. Typical struggles of near […]
July 20, 2015

Kindergarten Prep

There is some great information out there about how to prepare your child for kindergarten. These are some of the ideas I think are really valuable. […]
July 13, 2015

Rise and Shine, and Don’t Check Your Email

I am going to embark on an experiment this week. I encourage you to join me. This week I am not going to roll over in […]
July 6, 2015

Over-stimulated, Yet Empty

The inner emptiness that Lisa Schlesinger highlights in her article “Over-Stimulated Yet Empty” is a concern I have for kids as well as adults. In our […]